Q: How much should I expect my cleaning to cost?

A: We recognize that every home is as unique as the homeowner. We base your exact price on many factors including size, pets, clutter, floor types, as well as the number of people who live there. We therefore need to schedule an on sight analysis and estimate.  The process takes about an hour.

We do have a minimum 3 – man hour clean (two people for one and half hours) for $90.00, but there are no guarantees as to how much cleaning we will be able to accomplish in that time frame. The initial cleaning will usually cost more.

Q: What if I have a budget for my initial cleaning?

A: We are happy to work with you to come up with a plan to fit your budget.  We can discuss removing some tasks, removing some of the lesser used square footage such as a spare bedroom, the rotation of certain less important tasks etc..

Q: What methods of payment do you accept?

A: We accept Cash, Checks, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa and  Paypal

Q: How many people are on a team? 

A: The team size varies according to the size of the home, the typical team size is 3 people..

Q: Will it be the same team each time?

A: We aim for consistency as much as possible since we become more efficient when sending the same individuals. The majority of the team will be familiar with your home, plus you get to form a positive relationship.

Q: I have pets.  Do I need to do anything with them prior to my cleaning visit?

A: We are happy to clean around your furry friends provided they will be kind to us!  You will know your pets better than we do, and should crate, put in a locked away room not to be cleaned or outdoors, any pet that may become aggressive or disruptive to our staff.  You should also be sure to make us aware of any pet that is not allowed to go outside so that we can be sure to avoid any escapes!

Q: Do I need to be home during the service?

A: We would suggest that you do whatever makes you the most comfortable. The majority of our clients are not home during our scheduled cleanings. We respect that everyone feels differently about this so it’s entirely your choice. We are fully insured, and each employee has been through a thorough background check. For extra security, we do not keep the homeowner’s keys marked with name and address, but instead with a code. You may also let us know where you hide the key at home or where we can pick it up. And of course, you may stay home to watch our team members work if you choose to, but please be considerate and allow them to work without interruption or distraction if possible.

Q: Do I have to do anything to prepare for your visit?

A: Ensuring that as many surfaces and floor spaces are as exposed and clear as possible will assist us in cleaning those surfaces, but if this is not possible, please be sure to instruct us on how to clean in the presence of your belongings.  There are many people who clean before the cleaners arrive, please don’t do that,that is our job.

Q: Can you provide reference clients?

A: Please view our “A” rating on Angies’ List. There you can read testimonies of our services.

Q: What if I need to reschedule, cancel or change my cleaning arrangements?

A: Things happen and we completely understand that. If you need to reschedule, cancel or change your cleaning arrangements please contact our office directly. Please be courteous and provide us with at least a 24 hour notice when you do need to make changes. We will charge a $25.00 fee if one habitually fails to give us the 24 hour notice.

Q: What if something is broken or damaged?

A: We are very careful in each home, but accidents can happen. We will contact you as soon as possible and will have the item repaired or replaced. We do carry insurance which protects your personal property in the event that something is damaged.

Q: Are your employees Insured?

A: Yes. We have two million in liability insurance, and all employees are covered by workers comp.  We can provide proof of this upon request.

Q: I am an allergy sufferer; how do you control allergens?

A: We use hepa filter bags in all vacuums, plus we don’t use feather dusters, but use captive dusting methods.

Q. I need a specific appointment time for my visit.  Is this possible?

A: We can offer a specific time of arrival, subject to availability.  However, we can only offer a specific time of arrival if you are the first stop of the day, for example.  We will try our best to accommodate a two-hour arrival window request. However, we cannot guarantee specific times of arrival that are not scheduled for the first stop due to variables beyond our control which arise throughout any given day. Arrivals late in the day (such as 3:00pm or later) can be especially challenging for us to meet.  It is best to allow as much flexibility in your schedule as possible, or provide us with a key or other method of access to avoid scheduling conflicts.

Q: I want you to use my own vacuum and products, is that okay?

A: Although we provide all products and supplies to clean your home, we will always try to honor any request to use your own things if this is important to you.  We are happy to use your vacuum provided it is not extremely heavy and we are happy to use your products provided they are not toxic and dangerous to our staff. We cannot be responsible for repairs to your vacuum due to normal use.

Q: I have a lot of clutter. Can you still clean?

We can clean around clutter, but it of course is easier to clean when surfaces are exposed and belongings are put away. We have a professional organizing service for those interested in clearing clutter. Contact us and we can provide you with further details on this.

Q: What if I am unhappy or there is a problem?

Quality is a huge priority for us, so if you are unhappy, then we are unhappy. Our service is 100% satisfaction guaranteed, if you are unhappy, please contact us as soon as possible and we will remedy the issue. With every visit you have a chance to provide feedback to help us improve the level of service we provide you. All feedback is welcomed and is important to us!

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