Tips to help you make the choice to downsize or move your parent to a smaller home or nursing home.

At Maid to Please we offer Senior Relocation Organization Services. These services are designed to assist when you find yourself needing to move your Mom or Dad into a smaller home or even a nursing home. When doing so, you will need a caring and compassionate assistant to help reorganize, condense and prepare life treasures for the next phase of your Mom or Dad’s journey.

The decision to move your Mom or Dad into a smaller home, nursing home or senior care facility in Kernersville, NC can be a difficult decision. For years, you have relied on their energy, wisdom and guidance to help you through your life. If the moving, reorganizing or downsizing topic has come up in conversation recently; perhaps it’s time to consider looking at a few things that might help you decide if moving your Mom or Dad to a smaller home or nursing home is a good option.

Mobility Needs

As your Mom or Dad in Kernersville, NC age their mobility needs change. When your Mom or Dad gets to the point that cane or walker no longer provides the comfort and stability needed for independent living; it may be a good time to consider a smaller home, nursing home or senior care facility in Kernersville, NC. Health and mobility goes a long way in making the choice to downsize, making it easier for your parent to get around and having a better quality of life.

Is Someone Available to Provide Care?

As your Mom or Dad in Kernersville, NC get older the responsibility of taking care of them often falls on a family member. Sometimes you might even need to stay home from work. However, not everyone is medically trained to take care of your Mom or Dad’s medical needs as they age. Concerns come into play as to the level of dependency that your Mom or Dad has. Early on, it’s just a matter of making sure that their medication is taken; but, as time goes on, the level of dependency on a family member can become both financially and physically overwhelming.

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Choices Based on Reality

Being able to recognize when your Mom or Dad can no longer have independence is a key step when choosing how to care for them properly. Choosing to find an apartment, smaller home or nursing home in the Kernersville area to help you with these needs is the next step.

Using a competent Senior Relocation Organization Services for Mom and Dad’s lifetime of memories is a smart investment of your time and money.

Maid to Please can also assist in the move in/out cleaning needed to help free up your time, and give some peace of mind, as this chapter closes on Mom and Dad’s life.

Turning the page and starting fresh is the perfect way to help your parents into the next chapter of their lives.

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