What is hard water and how does it effect cleaning?

faucet - Maid Services to Kernersville, Greensboro and surrounding areasIn parts of the Kernersville, NC area it’s not uncommon to see issues with hard water deposits. This is most noticeable as a build up in the shower and sink faucets causing a decrease in water pressure or crusty build up on surfaces. Furthermore, this can greatly affect the cleaning chemicals used to professionally clean your home. In this article will look at what Hard Water is and how it can affect your Kernersville, NC area home.

What is Hard Water and Soft Water?

You may have heard the terms: hard water and soft water. These terms are used to describe mineral content for the water in your Kernersville, NC home. These minerals are usually lime, calcium and magnesium and occur naturally in tap water, depending on where the water is coming from. The more of these minerals, the harder the water. According to the United States Geological Survey there are four categories of hard water classifications:

  • Soft Water – water that contains less than 61 mg/L of mineral deposits
  • Moderately Hard Water – water that contains 61 through 120 mg/L of mineral deposits
  • Hard Water – water that contains 120 through one 80 mg/L of mineral deposits
  • Very Hard Water – water that contains over 180 mg/L of mineral deposits

According to the United States Department of Energy at least 75% of American homes utilize water that is classified as moderately hard water or higher.

soap test - Maid Services to Kernersville, Greensboro and surrounding areasThe Hard Water Soap Test

Usually, you can determine whether you have hard or soft water simply by taking a drink (don’t worry, hard water is not harmful, it’s actually quite natural). Hard water mininerals can cave a pleasant taste and is actually good for you.

Perhaps, a better test is the soap test. Soap, for the most part, is created from sodium stearate; which when combined with water bonds to dirt particles and makes them easier to be removed.

With hard water the sodium stearate in soap reacts with the hard water minerals making an in-soluble compound. (Doesn’t dissolve easily with water).

This is why you can’t get a really good lather with hard water and also why it leaves behind those famous hard water deposits.

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Where does hard water come from?

natural water - Maid Services to Kernersville, Greensboro and surrounding areasWhen you turn on your faucet the water coming from your tap is retrieved from a repository that either stores or stores and filters water for municipal use. Depending on the area that you live in within the Kernersville, NC area, the water treatment process can vary. To get to the water repository it had to flow through layers of rocks where it naturally picks up the different mineral deposits. The mineral content can vary because of evaporation and collection from rainwater through nature’s natural process of purification.

What are the most noticeable results of hard water?

Hard water can be blamed for a variety of household cleaning issues such as the lack of ability for soap to do its job (described above), but there’s more. Hard water deposits can also build up as a film on dishes and glassware making them spot and streak regardless of the soap used. Sometimes dishwashers get a bad rap for not doing a good job when it’s actually the hard water interfering with the soap’s ability to cling to the dirt and wash it away.

Bathtubs and sinks can develop a hard water ring and a noticeable lime build up can be seen on glass shower doors. Hard water deposits can also build up within galvanized pipes, shower heads and faucets over time causing a restriction in the flow of water decreasing water pressure.

Professional Cleaning Services such as Maid to Please serving Kernersville, NC understand the impact of hard water deposits and utilize the appropriate skill friendly chemicals that will not only remove the hard water deposits that do so in environmentally safe manner.

hard water - Maid Services to Kernersville, Greensboro and surrounding areasWhat can I do about hard water in my Kernersville, NC home?

First, get your water tested. The Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Utility Commission operates three water treatment facilities drawing water from both the Yadkin River and Salem Lake. Depending on how long the water sits in the system it can fluctuate the amount of minerals within the water, so don’t rely on a single test.

Many “at home” testing kits are available averaging from $12-$30 from home-improvement stores.

Next, weigh the costs. The Kernersville, NC area is fairly low on the hard water chart (moderately hard water); meaning that it would take a while to create a restriction of water flow. However, you probably see a consistent thin film on glass dishes and shower doors.

That level of aggravation it doesn’t seem justifiable to purchase an expensive water softening system but rather utilizing the appropriate cleaning chemicals to battle the inconvenience.

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