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Why are Professional Home Cleaning Services in Kernersville NC so expensive?
on Monday, May 28 2018
This is a question we usually get ask by those who might be considering a professional House Cleaning Service in Kernersville NC for the first time. With any business practice there are prices set for services provided, but within the professional house cleaning industry our services “could” be done internally by the resident, a friend or neighbor. So that brings our explanations and information into a different category than services that require specialty licenses or tools such as a plumber, electrician or construction service.
Tips for a Clutter Free Kernersville NC home
on Saturday, May 12 2018
As homes and apartments in our current Kernersville NC area continue to be built for our ever-growing population, the challenge of space management seems to take center stage. These homes and apartments get smaller and smaller leaving people with the question “Where do I put all my stuff?” At Maid to Please we understand that cleanliness and clutter go hand in hand. We work with many customers in the Kernersville NC area that don’t necessarily have a dirty home, it’s just the clutter makes it appear that way.
Tips to help you make the choice to downsize or move your parent to a smaller home or nursing home.
on Saturday, April 28 2018
At Maid to Please we offer Senior Relocation Organization Services. These services are designed to assist when you find yourself needing to move your Mom or Dad into a smaller home or even a nursing home. When doing so, you will need a caring and compassionate assistant to help reorganize, condense and prepare life treasures for the next phase of your Mom or Dad’s journey.
Moving in? Check out these Five areas to look for.
on Saturday, April 21 2018
There’s always a little excitement when moving into a new place in the Kernersville NC area. Unfortunately, that excitement is short-lived when you find out that the previous tenant was not as clean as the property manager told you. Because sometimes cleaning issues are more of an area of neglect, here are five areas to look for before signing a lease for a Kernersville area home or apartment.
Spring is in the air; so is dust, pollen and mold!
on Saturday, March 31 2018
Spring is in the air here in Kernersville NC and while this means the return of warmer weather, birds chirping back and flowers blooming… It also means the return of allergy season. While the cooler winter temperatures meant a refreshing savings on the air conditioning bill, springtime marks the time when the need for it is just around the corner. As part of your “spring cleaning” you need to note that your air conditioner can help you to control allergens such as pet dander, dust mites, mold and insect droppings. When you dust, use forced air (A/C) or even plop down on the furniture, these dirt and allergens are made airborne. Without a good filtration system on your Air Conditioner, these will simple settle back down on the floor, wall and furniture.
How can I have cockroaches? My house is clean!
on Saturday, March 17 2018
You’ve probably heard, as most of us have, that a clean house is a roach free house. While it is true that a clean house will make it more difficult for cockroaches to thrive, it’s not impossible to overlook some of the things that gives cockroaches a free meal. In this article we will look at some additional places to look for and tactics that you can use to help keep cockroaches from invading your Kernersville NC area home.
Should I Hire an Individual or a Cleaning Company?
on Sunday, February 25 2018
When you are looking for someone to clean your Kernersville, NC area home a lot of questions go through your mind: how much will it cost, who should I use, will they do a good job? But, one of the foundational questions perhaps to ask is: “Should I hire a cleaning company or an individual?”. Believe it or not, there are advantages for both. In this article we will examine these advantages so that you can choose the option that will work best for you.
What is hard water and how does it affect cleaning?
on Saturday, February 24 2018
In parts of the Kernersville, NC area it’s not uncommon to see issues with hard water deposits. This is most noticeable as a build up in the shower and sink faucets causing a decrease in water pressure or crusty build up on surfaces. Furthermore, this can greatly affect the cleaning chemicals used to professionally clean your home. In this article will look at what Hard Water is and how it can affect your Kernersville, NC area home.
Five places where people forget to dust
on Saturday, February 3 2018
People who suffer with dust allergies are always in search of where dust may accumulate to help control their allergies. Dust allergies can lead to annoying conditions such as nasal congestion, runny nose, watering of the eyes, sneezing, difficulty breathing and skin rashes. Having a clean house can certainly cut down on dust and dander accumulation however, there are a few places that many forget when it comes time to dust.
The Importance of Chores
on Saturday, January 13 2018
Just about every business owner in the Kernersville, NC area will tell you that one of the greatest frustrations and challenges that are faced in day-to-day operations is hiring quality personnel. Trying to find someone that has a specific skill set for this type of business is difficult; being that it takes years of training, unquestionable work ethics and a follow-through attitude to excel.
Why does my bathroom sink have a foul smell after cleaning
on Saturday, December 30 2017
So you have done a thorough cleaning of your Kernersville area home’s bathroom sink, but there is still a foul odor that you can’t pinpoint. Each component of your Kernersville area bathroom has its own unique challenges when it comes to cleaning and the bathroom sink is no different. As a professional housecleaning service in the Kernersville NC area we have noted a few things over the years when it comes to thorough and detailed cleaning of your bathroom sink.
Reasons we are thankful in 2017
on Thursday, December 21 2017
During this holiday season it is important to be mindful about the many things that Maid to Please, providing professional home cleaning services to Kernersville, NC & surrounding areas, has to be thankful for. Even as the end of the year continues to approach, we find ourselves echoing our thankfulness as we look back across 2017.
Areas of the kitchen that should be cleaned, but often missed.
on Saturday, December 2 2017
As a professional housecleaning service in the Kernersville NC area we have learned a few things over the years when it comes to thorough and detailed cleaning. There is a sense of accomplishment when you take the time to thoroughly and methodically clean your home, making it more enjoyable both for you and those that live there with you. However, even a thoroughly cleaned home, without the expertly trained eye, can often miss a few critical places that should be cleaned regularly to help control bacteria and keep unwanted pests away.
What should I expect from a general cleaning service package?
on Friday, November 10 2017
We can all agree that when you hire a service to be done you want to feel like you got what you pay for! Hiring a professional house cleaning service in the Kernersville area is no different. In a previous article we discussed how much a professional house cleaning service should charge to get a better understanding of how the industry would price professional cleaning services. In this article we are going to focus on what types of services you can expect from a professional house cleaning company.
How Much Should a Professional House Cleaning Service Charge?
on Saturday, October 21 2017
The old adage of “You get what you pay for” perhaps was coined for professional housecleaning services. Of any, in the service industry, that this might hold true for; housecleaning services perhaps fits this adage the best. As we have previously mentioned, all you need to do is open the phone book or do a Google search to find dozens of companies or individuals in the Kernersville area offering professional cleaning services however, when you call these different services you quickly find out that there is a huge range of prices that are being provided for essentially the same services. To better answer the question of how much you should pay for a professional housecleaning service; let’s analyze what goes into the charges vs. the outcome.
The challenge: Finding the best professional housecleaning service
on Saturday, October 21 2017
A quick search on Google instantly presents you with a huge selection of professional housecleaning companies that all claim “they’re the best”. However, how can you know which professional housecleaning company really is the best? You could talk with dozens of professional housecleaning services until you found “the right one”; or could follow these simple steps to help make the selection of a professional housecleaning company for your Kernersville area home a little easier.
Series: How to Find the Best Professional Cleaning Service in the Kernersville area
on Saturday, October 21 2017
in this series of articles we will look at tips and best practices for selecting and hiring a professional cleaning service for the Kernersville area.
5 Great Ways Small Business Can Find and Hire Good People (Part 2)
on Friday, September 15 2017
Prior to this article you should have already looked at the first two points of the five great ways small businesses can find and hire good people. This important topic features some of the hiring practices that Maid to Please, serving Kernersville and surrounding areas, uses when selecting top-quality people for their professional cleaning service. So let’s look at the next three ways that small businesses can find and hire good people in the Kernersville area.
5 Great Ways Small Business Can Find and Hire Good People (Part 1)
on Friday, September 15 2017
If you are a small business owner in the Kernersville area you know how difficult it can be to find and hire quality people. While there are many job search sites such as: Craigslist,,, and; they can often produce under or over qualified applicants. Often for local businesses looking for quality people, old-school or traditional methods can yield the best results.

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